After two years of worse than usual flooding, Wilmot Township is taking further action to help residents prepare.

The township, along with the Grand River Conservation Authority, hosted a flood preparedness meeting Wednesday.

The goal of the meeting is education and planning for a possible emergency situation.

“You should always be prepared for 3 different situations, what if I can't get out? Be prepared at home to stay there for 72 hours, be prepared if you're told to leave your home, and what if I can't get home?” Said Dana Banke a volunteer with Canadian Red Cross

Officials say there is very little they can do prevent flooding, so clear communication and preparedness are vital.

"We certainly see a significant amount of flooding that happens up and down the watershed every year, a community like new Hamburg much of it is built within the flood plain, so those residents are certainly needing to be aware and needing to be prepared," said Cam Linwood, GMCA Communications Coordinator.

According to Wilmot’s fire chief, the message of education and preparation is even more important for people new to the area.

 “When we have new members of the community move into these areas they sometimes aren't quite as aware or knowledgeable about it. So this gives them the opportunity to ask questions,” Said Rod Lesson, Township of Wilmot Fire Chief.

Officials say this year the snow cap level is lower than last year, however rain volume along with melting snow could produce flooding.