KITCHENER -- Commuters may want to have a backup plan in the event of a strike by Grand River Transit's union members.

The union will be in legal strike position Tuesday if a new deal is not reached between UNIFOR Local 4304 and the Region of Waterloo.

About 700 GRT and MobilityPLUS workers could walk off the job after voting 98.99 per cent in favour of strike action if necessary.

A strike would stop GRT buses, Bus Plus and MobilityPLUS from running, but the region says it will make every effort to provide riders with transportation to pre-schedule dialysis trips.

The LRT will continue running in the event of a strike, but if there are any disruptions, the region won't be able to offer bus shuttles, as is the policy.

Services provided by Kiwanis Transit will also be unaffected, meaning that the townships will continue to see bus service.

The region says it will be making a special announcement regarding refunds of monthly passes, however they haven't committed to offering one.

Three years ago, the region and Grand River Transit employees avoided a strike after a last-minute deal was reached. In that negotiation, safety and discipline issues were two of the key sticking points.

The strike deadline is set for 12:01 a.m. Tuesday.

Talks could continue past midnight if both sides agree to stay at the table.

UNIFOR's National President Jerry Dias was scheduled to meet with the bargaining team on Monday morning before addressing the media.

For more information, you can visit the Grand River Transit website.