KITCHENER -- COVID-19 vaccine pre-registration is now open to everyone 12 and older in Waterloo Region.

The region's website says pre-registering for a vaccine helps identify who is eligible and contact them once appointments are available.

"Pre-registering is the fastest way to get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment booked," the region's website says in part. "We strongly recommend pre-registration for people in all eligible priority groups."

Anyone pre-registering for a vaccine needs to have contact information, including their address. Regional officials encourage people to sign up using an email or mobile number that they can receive a text notification when it's their turn to book.

Officials said contacting clients through landlines may take longer than a mobile number or email.

They also said people need to know which priority group they are part of when pre-registering for a vaccine.

People who have pre-registered will be contacted for an appointment in about four to six weeks.

The region's vaccination task force said they work through pre-registration in order of eligibility.

Once contacted, residents are asked to book an appointment as soon as possible to ensure all clinics are full and all available vaccine supply is used.

People should bring ID to their vaccination appointment, along with anything confirming eligibility in a specific group, like a workplace ID badge, proof of employment or a letter from your employer.

Select pharmacies and primary care providers are also administering COVID-19 vaccines in the region. People should contact pharmacies or care providers directly to book an appointment.

Anyone who has been able to book a COVID-19 elsewhere should also cancel any other appointments so that time slot can be filled by someone else.