EVERTON – A family near Guelph is calling for caution over a type of children's light-up shoes.

The Spielmacher family says the battery-operated shoes malfunctioned and burst into flames.

No one was injured and the fire was put out quickly, but the family says things could have been a lot worse if their five-year-old son was wearing the shoes that they believe started it all.

"When you stomp on the bottom, it just lit up," explains Bryson Spielmacher. The shoes were his favourite, but not anymore.

"I don't want to wear light-up shoes anymore. What if it starts on my feet? Then my feet would get on fire."

The shoes in question are labelled as S-Sport from Skechers. The company tells CTV that it will be undertaking a "prompt investigation" of the allegations, but says that so far, they're only allegations.

"Our footwear products are rigorously tested for safety and we have absolutely no evidence or reason to believe that this style caused a fire, which is pure speculation at this time," a statement from a company spokesperson reads in part.

His mother, Abby, tells CTV that the shoes were hanging in a bag on a hook in their mudroom.

"My husband came and picked up everything and threw it out the back door. He burned his hand on some of the burning plastic," she remembers.

When they went through the burned items, they believe they found the source: the shoes.

"It seems to line up that it could be the battery or the connection to the battery," Abby Spielmacher says.

Bryson's backpacks and other items were ruined, but none were as charred as the shoes.

To make matters worse for the family, the whole incident took place during his older sister's birthday party.

Their mother can't help but think of how things could have been worse.

"It would be so horrible to know that something that they wear every single day is causing burns to your child," she says.

Last year, a class action lawsuit was launched against Skechers after several people came forward claiming that the shoes were exploding on children.

Spielmacher says she reached out to the company but hasn't heard back.

"I would like a response to know that they're taking it seriously," she says.

"If they need to be recalled I would like some action on that."

The company says that it will get in touch with the family so that the shoes can be examined and investigated.