Elizabeth Wettlaufer was terminated from her job as a nurse at Caressant Care in Woodstock in 2014.

Two years later, she admitted to killing seven patients there, and one other.

Karen Routledge, Wettlaufer’s former union representative, thought it seemed unfair at the time.

Routledge often took minutes of meetings, during which Wettlaufer would sometimes be reprimanded for her disorganization, absenteeism, sexual inappropriateness and medication mistakes.

Despite this, Routledge alleges that other nurses were making more mistakes than Wettlaufer was.

Routledge said that Wettlaufer portrayed herself as a caring nurse, and would appear remorseful after being called out. She would make changes—but only for a couple of weeks.

Routledge was not the union rep when Wettlaufer was terminated, but did sit in on the meeting.