A wedding dress believed to be several decades old was found along Highway 401 by a passing motorist.

Katie Predon found the dress Saturday, near the eastbound lanes of the highway between the Puslinch service centre and the Highway 6 North exit.

The first thing she saw was a box that was sitting on the highway. The lid to the box was a few metres away.

“Just as we approached the hill, we saw the wedding dress on the side of the road,” Predon says.

Predon picked up the dress and took it home. She’s hoping to track down its owner and reunite her with the dress.

“Looking at the age of the dress, we figured it was probably something that had some sentimental value to somebody,” she says.

“It looked like it was in decent shape, so it must not have been there for very long.”

Predon’s suspicion is that the dress fell off a moving truck that was making its way down the highway.

Chelsey Nikkel, the manager of Sophie’s Gown Shoppe in Kitcehner, says the dress was likely custom-made by hand and may date to the early 1970s, based on some of its features.

“It looks like it’s been handmade with very beautiful, expensive sheath lace,” she says.

The box itself seems dated as well, with a gold lid and a viewing window.

With reporting by Daryl Morris