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Waterloo dairy farm producing milk that’s easier to digest


Dodging dairy products is difficult to do for people with milk intolerances, but a farm in Waterloo has a fix so they don’t have to.

Eby Manor’s 60 golden Guernsey cows produce milk with a touch of magic.

“The Guernsey milk has a unique richness to it,” says Eby Manor CEO Jim Eby. “It has a little sweeter flavour to it.”

Not only that, the A2 beta-casein milk the cows produce is non-inflammatory, unlike most cow milk. It’s the casein in standard milk that the majority of people with milk sensitivities can’t tolerate.

“So these people can drink our milk and not have any serious reactions to it,” says Eby.

The milk isn't lactose-free though, so anyone who is lactose intolerant still can't drink it.

Baristas are also accustomed to the advantaged of A2 milk.

“It foams better, if you were to froth it for cappuccinos, lattes, those types of specialty coffees,” says Eby.

The farm makes chocolate milk, yogurt and whole milk that is used by local companies and is sold in roughly 200 stores across the province, proving there’s no shortage of people milking the benefits of Eby Manor products Top Stories

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