Marijuana is set to become legal this fall, and the University of Guelph has been preparing for pot on campus.

Though it is planning on becoming a completely smoke-free campus in the future, it is set to handle marijuana like it does alcohol.

 Students will not be able to use cannabis in open spaces, which is the same rule when it comes to alcohol.

Alcohol and weed deliveries will both be banned on campus as well.

While Ontarians can grow four plants in-home for personal use, students will not be able to cultivate their own at university.

Despite the rules, balance is the goal for the coming term.

“We understand that some will want to consume, and we will allow that, but within our rules and regulations that we have within our residence areas,” said Don O’Leary, vice president of finance, administration and risk at the University of Guelph.

Consultations on the smoke-free campus have begun, and the university plans to do more in the upcoming months.