GUELPH -- After a homecoming weekend that saw charges for unsanctioned gatherings and tickets issued for hosting a nuisance party, the University of Guelph is hoping students who choose to celebrate Halloween this weekend go about it the right way.

Officials say this can be done by registering a party.

“What that means is they'll have a consultation with myself and my team, and we'll give them lots of information and tips and tricks on how to host a safe event,” said June Baldwin, the Coordinator of Neighbourhood Relations & Off-Campus Living with the University of Guelph.

The program has been in place since 2015.

In 2018, 85 parties were registered in 2019, another 57. The program was temporarily paused in 2020 due to the pandemic. New this year to the program are the addition of COVID-19 protocols.

The Town and Gown Association of Ontario, an organization that aims to build relationships between post-secondary schools and the communities they are in, say this type program is a great option.

“The party registration tool in the broader toolbox that we have as institutions and communities to help educate and direct students towards safe and positive behavior,” said AJ Wray, the President of Town and Gown.

According to Wray, it isn’t a one-size fits all approach.

Ivan Joseph, the Vice President of Student Affairs at Wilfrid Laurier University said they are well prepared for the weekend.

“We've been dealing with this challenge for a long time and we have policies and processes that have been in place," he said.

The University of Waterloo is asking students to find safe ways to celebrate, but wants them to avoid large gatherings.

In Guelph, the university party registration team are doing what they can to connect with students ahead of the weekend.

“Making sure that they can be as educated as possible about the things that can go on and how they do live amongst community residents so making sure that they're aware of that and that their actions do impact those neighbours,” said Baldwin.

So far, 12 students have expressed interest in registering their party this weekend and two have signed up for consultations. According to the university, registration will remain open until Friday.