KITCHENER -- Guelph police have arrested two teens following a gathering of hundreds of students on the University of Guelph campus.

According to officials, the outdoor gathering was being monitored by officers when a fight broke out at 1 a.m. Saturday.

Police say they were able to break up the fight between two males, but one became aggressive and grabbed and officer’s arm while continuing to try to fight.

The male was reportedly given several warnings before being arrested for causing a disturbance.

As he was being taken to a cruiser, several people in the crowd tried to pull him away from the officers, according to police.

When the officers got to the cruiser, they reportedly found the windshield smashed and a side mirror torn off.

Police say the cruiser was then blocked from leaving by people standing in front, which was when another teen male opened a back door and allowed the arrested teen to escape.

The two were arrested after a brief foot chase, with one teen still having his hands cuffed behind his back, according to officials.

Police say neither of the teens arrested are students at the University of Guelph.

An 18-year-old from Shelburne has been charged with causing a disturbance by fighting, resisting a peace officer, and escaping lawful custody. A 17-year-old from Durham Region has been charged with assisting in an escape and possession of a fraudulent driver’s licence.

Both are expected to appear in a Guelph court in early January.

The incident marked the second large gathering reported on campus since the school year began.

With the varsity football home opener slated for Saturday, university officials and Guelph police said they will be keeping a close eye on the crowds.

Despite the warnings, some students said they expect to see many partying following the big game.

"There definitely will be people on the streets partying and drinking for sure," said University of Guelph student Heather Gordon.

The Gryphons will play the Western Mustangs in front of what university officials call a significantly reduced number of fans.

Gordon and her friend Maggie Smith both said they won't be attending.

"There just have been so many COVID scares that it's just not worth it at this point," Gordon said.

Officials at the University of Guelph said they are working to prevent large gatherings from happening again.

"On campus we have additional security guards and residence staff in place, extra campus security officers on patrol and a strict no visitor policy in our residences," the university said in a statement, adding tickets are also being issued for trespassing.

Guelph police are also helping to crack down on large parties.

"We do have officers out addressing things like public intoxication, noise complaints, certainly large crowds and nuisance parties," said Scott Tracey with Guelph police.