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Three suspected drug deaths over three days in Waterloo Region


The Waterloo Region Integrated Drugs Strategy (WRIDS) has issued a community alert after three people died from suspected drug overdoses between May 11 and May 13.

The drugs involved in their deaths isn’t known, but WRIDS says the drug checking program at Kitchener’s Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) site has detected fentanyl in recent samples.

The opioid is often combined with other analogues, like Desalkylgidazepam, Bromazolam, Xylazine, Medetomidine/Dexmedetomidine and parafluorofentanyl.

WRIDS says users should take extra precautions with drugs that are burgundy, deep red to light pink, green or pale green in colour.

Users are encouraged to use the CTS drug-checking program at 150 Duke Street West. They are also advised to keep a naloxone kit handy, never use alone and call the National Overdose Response Service (NORS) at 1-888-688-6677. Top Stories

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