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'They’ve endured the most horrific atrocities': Dozens march in Waterloo to support Gaza


As the conflict between Israel and Hamas deepens, a large crowd gathered in Waterloo on Wednesday in the hopes of sparking change. 

Demonstrators carried signs and flags while marching down the street.

They started in the parking lot at 50 Westmount Road North and ended at encampment on the University of Waterloo campus.

The march was organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement and Occupy UW. 

The group Independent Jewish Voices also spoke at the event.

Organizers say they want to put pressure on the Canadian government to help end the war in Gaza. They’re also asking for a ceasefire, two-way arms embargo and for political prisoners to be released.

Shatha Mamoud, from the Palestinian Youth Movement, said both sides of her family are still living in Gaza.

“They've endured the most horrific atrocities. I have had tens of family members murdered, a lot of them we have had to find out that they were murdered after being uncovered under the rubble. So this is not only a human rights issue, but it's also a personal issue for me and many in this community. [We] have been mourning loved ones for months and months and months,” she said before the rally started at 6 p.m. 

The war has prompted protests and vigils around the world since conflict started last fall. 

Most recently, Israel sent tanks into Rafah on Wednesday to conduct raids.

They country predicts its war on Hamas would continue for the remainder of the year. Top Stories

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