Her face is on every package of Schneiders hot dogs, bacon and cold cuts sold in North America. It’s perched high above the 401 near Guelph, on a large sign, seen by thousands of people who travel on the busy highway.

Nancy Featherstone-McLean was only nine when she was contacted by a Toronto modelling agency to be the new face of Schneiders.

“It really is something you knowto be sort of looked upon.”

It has been decades since Featherstone-Maclean, had her first photo shoot for the company. As a child she modelled for Eatons and Simpsons.

“It seems a long time ago nowbut I've enjoyed doing the work."

Now 85, Featherstrone-Maclean lives north of Barrie in Victoria Harbour with her daughter and son-in-law.

She says the news of the Kitchener plant closing is disappointing

“Think it’s sad they've been so good to me and my family.”

Over the years Schneiders has sent this mother, grandmother and now great-grandmother numerous gifts including T-shirts and even a bobble head of herself.

She even has a golf cart with a Schneiders sign on the front that she uses in the summer. Featherstone-Maclean jokes, not only is she the face of the entire company she’s also the biggest fan of one specific product.

“Bacon! Bacon I eat a lot of that.”

Maple Leaf says that while the company is relocating operations to Hamilton, the sign on the 401 isn’t going anywhere.