Karl Butler and his wife didn’t plan on living in a tent city.

“It was just something that happened,” says Butler. “I had to have somewhere to go and I knew some people. This is just where I ended up.”

They’re just two of the people who live in the makeshift campsite on Stirling Avenue in Kitchener.

The property, near Mill Street, has been occupied on and off for the past two years.

The land owner wants the all the squatters, including the Butlers, to leave.

“I got woken up by the cops last week,” says Josh Lambert. “They told us we had to week to get out of here.”

In a statement, bylaw officials state they’ve been working on this issue since December 8.

They also say that the property owners are frustrated with the camp and the cost of cleaning up the site.

They’ve demanded that the squatters leave by June 24 or else they’ll be removed.

The Butlers say they won’t go and insist they’ll have to be dragged out.

“We’re not disturbing anybody,” says Butler. “We’re out of sight, out of mind. So I don’t’ see the big issue for now. At least give us another week or two, and I have asked for that.”

“I have no idea what we’re going to do,” says Stephanie Ferrier. “We’re going to stand out ground. We’re going to fight to the end. They’re going to have to drag us out of here.”

Police are aware of the situation but say they have not been called in to assist with the removal of the squatters.

Butler tells CTV News that he was notified Friday afternoon that they could stay the weekend but they’d have to be gone by Monday night.

The Stirling Avenue property is just steps away from the former Schneider’s plant where a $500 million redevelopment is currently underway.