CAMBRIDGE -- Over 100 people gathered in Cambridge on Friday for a solidarity rally for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The event started off at the Waterloo Regional Police headquarters before moving into the city. Police say there were no incidents at the rally.

The peaceful protesters made demonstrations at the Cambridge Cenotaph and Queen Square armed only with signs and megaphones.

“It’s time for me to stand up and do something right for a change,” said demonstrator Nick McLaren. “I completely agree that silence is violence.”

Even organizers say they are making a stand against police brutality, but are also confronting racism that happens on personal levels in Waterloo Region.

“We are also standing for the racism happening here, in schools, in churches, in stores, discrimination across the board,” said organizer Fiona Jimenez. “We just want to stand together and we want this to stop. We want our children to feel safe. We want to feel safe.

“We feel that we have no voice. We feel that in the workplace when there are conversations happening, we are not welcome to join when there is a work party going on, we are off on our own. So we want things like that to stop because it’s not including us that makes us feel less than human and can lead to people getting killed.”

The event comes following a number of other large and peaceful protests and ahead of another rally in Guelph on Saturday.