TORONTO - Saturday Night Live got a lot of laughs at Rob Ford's expense last night -- but earlier in the day protesters at Toronto City Hall made it clear they don't find the mayor's erratic behaviour funny.
   Dozens of demonstrators rallied to demand Ford leave office immediately.
   They say the current moves by city council to strip Ford of most of his mayoral powers aren't enough -- they want him gone now.
   The protesters called Ford a buffoon who has deeply embarrassed himself and his city with his bouts of public drunkenness, his confessions of smoking crack, buying drugs, drinking and driving, his association with criminals and his use of vulgar language on live TV.
   Tomorrow city council will vote on a motion that would see Ford's office and budget essentially moved to the control of the deputy mayor.
   Ford has threatened a legal fight to resist council's actions, however some municipal law experts contend that council is well within its rights to sanction the mayor.