KITCHENER -- A former neurologist was back in a Kitchener, Ont. courtroom Friday morning to face six new sexual assault charges.

The total number of charges against Jeffrey Sloka has risen to 69 and it is now one of the largest sexual assault investigations of its kind in Ontario.

Sloka spent several years practicing at Grand River Hospital. His license was revoked in April 2019 after the first five patients filed complaints with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Police charged Sloka with another 34 sexual assault charges in September of that year.

All of the alleged incidents happened between 2010 and 2017, though it's not clear if they all happened at Grand River Hospital.

There are now 69 charges and 69 alleged victims in the case.

One of Sloka's accusers says she was referred to the doctor after suffering from persistent migraines. Back in May 2019 she shared her story with CTV News. "I wasn’t properly draped, I started off in a gown but the gown was removed without discussing it with me. I was, what I believe, touched unnecessarily and not for medical purposes."

The mother of one of Sloka’s other alleged victims spoke exclusively to CTV News about the additional charges filed on Friday.

Her name cannot be released due to a publication ban on her daughter’s case.

“She won’t heal until it gets to the end and it’s done,” she says.

The mother also spoke about her experience with Sloka.

“You’re desperate for help. You’re scared and you’re desperate and you put all of your trust into that individual and it’s horrible.”

She says she’s seen significant changes in her daughter.

“Her self-confidence isn’t what it was. She was very bubbly, out-going individual. She’s not that way anymore.”

The mother also says her daughter’s encounter will Sloka affected her medical care.

“There was a terrible gap. We spent three days in and out of a Woodstock hospital because we couldn’t go to Kitchener.”

The alleged victim’s mother says her daughter is now in remission for her medical condition.

Grand River Hospital sent CTV News a statement Friday about the new charges.

"We are deeply saddened to learn of new allegations against Mr. Sloka and express our sincere apologies and sympathies to all who have been affected by this experience. Mr. Sloka has not practiced at Grand River Hospital since April 2019. We take the safety and quality of care for our patients very seriously and the alleged actions of Mr. Sloka do not reflect the values, standards, beliefs or behaviour of our staff and physicians. The hospital has worked in cooperation with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and will continue to work cooperatively with all authorities involved."

Sloka was in court Friday where a judge denied him bail.

His lawyer declined to comment to CTV News.

The case is still ongoing and none of the allegations against Sloka have been proven in court.