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Second warmest February in history of Waterloo Region, says UW weather station


It’s probably no big surprise that February was unusually mild, but according to the University of Waterloo’s weather station, it was also the second warmest month on record.

On average, the overall temperature was about five degrees above average for the month.

That puts it just behind February 2017 as the warmest in the region’s recorded history, which dates back to 1914.

According to the experts at the E.D. Soulis Memorial Weather Station, the highest temperature reached was 14.1 degrees Celsius, while the lowest was -13 degrees Celsius.

The average temperature between December and February, meanwhile, was 1.8 degrees Celsius. The UW weather station says that makes it the third warmest meteorological winter on record, just behind the years 2001-2002 and 1931-1932.

February wasn’t only the warmest but it was also relatively dry.

The weather station says Waterloo Region only got one-third the average for this month with 21.6 mm total rainfall. The average currently sits at 63.5 mm. They added that it was the driest February since 1987.

In terms of snowfall, the average is typically 30.3 cm in February. Last month, it was far below that at only 13 cm.

Most winters the region sees 125.6 cm of snow throughout the season. The weather station says Waterloo Region got less than half of that – at 59.5 cm so far this winter. Top Stories

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