WATERLOO -- Residents in a Waterloo neighbourhood are crying "fowl" after a popular wild turkey has come up lame.

"I'm hoping that someone can hopefully catch it, it really needs help, it needs its foot to be healed," Lincoln Heights resident Haley McLeod said.

The turkey, known as Tom in the community, said the bird has been seen in the area for months. They said he's surprisingly comfortable around people and pets.

Around three weeks ago, neighbours noticed Tom's injured leg.

"I worry the turkey is hurting and needs help," Barbara Holowatk said. "Yes, he can fly, but he only flies when he is in complete danger, he only has enough energy to make it to a roof or a shed."

The humane society said staff have tried to catch the turkey, but he's flown onto a roof each time and they're not allowed to work at heights.

Officials said they'll keep trying to rescue Tom and give him the help he needs.