WATERLOO -- With Thanksgiving celebrations being scaled back this year, a Waterloo turkey seems to have gained some serious confidence.

The bird, known as Waddle Lou, has been strutting its stuffing around the Lincoln Heights neighbourhood for the past few weeks, much to the delight of Alisha Steel's children.

"Every time it's out the window, they get really excited and scream, 'the turkey! The turkey!' and then they bolt outside and try to get close to it," she said.

The precocious fowl was seen out for a stroll in the area on Thursday, so close to a time many of its kind spend on dinner plates. The bird appeared not at all bothered by the attention from on-lookers.

Rather than a fight-or-flight response, the winged walker seems to prefer a sit-and-wait approach, as it was seen making itself comfortable behind a parked pickup truck in the area.

"I think as he matures, his territory is expanding, so he's working to control more area," opined resident Tim Veera.

Jimmy's Feed Co. on Weber Street is a popular hangout for the turkey. It was a contest they held last year that gave the bird its name.

Steele said the neighbourhood has a Facebook page, and that it's become all about the turkey.

While he won't be on the dinner plate this Thanksgiving weekend, Waddle Lou may be the talk of the table.

A turkey sits in a parking lot