KITCHENER -- The organizer of a party in Waterloo last weekend was also the recipient of a $750 fine.

According to public health officials, the person was fined for having a gathering at a private residence that exceeded the provincial limit of 10 people.

By-law officials told CTV Kitchener that there were between approximately 25 and 30 people inside when officers arrived on Oct. 10.

The fine was for $750, plus a $130 surcharge.

Last month, Premier Doug Ford announced that the Ontario government would issue fines up to $10,000 for anyone who organized a private gathering that exceeded the limits.

That's in addition to the $750 fine.

But by-law officials said Tuesday that municipal by-law officers don't have the authority to lay the organizer charge, which comes in the form of a summons to court. That would have to be laid by police, who are only called for very large gatherings or if people are unruly or hostile when by-law officers arrive.

In the case of the larger fine, a judge would consider the minimum $10,000 fine if a person was convicted.