KITCHENER -- A pair of Kitchener musicians have created a podcast to help promote local musicians, comedians and venues that have been silenced by pandemic-related closures.

Kitchener Famous is the name of the podcast, hosted by musicians Jay Carraro and Jesse Webber. The duo helps connect a musician or comedian with a venue owner to discuss their passions and future goals.

In their first episode, Carraro and Webber paired singer-songwriter Jesse Parent with Lana’s Lounge in Waterloo, where his performance was streamed online.

“The arts connect people, soothe people and heal people. Without it, I don’t know if I could survive this thing,” Parent said.

Kitchener Famous has about 2,000 listeners, and the owners of Lana’s Lounge say being on the show has been good for business and keeping the music scene alive.

“We’re very much promoting them and they in turn are promoting us through being here,” said Lana’s Lounge co-owner Shan Bricker.

On the show, guests are welcome to cover topics like upcoming album releases or any merchandise they’re looking to sell.

The hosts of Kitchener Famous say the podcast is their way of helping friends survive in their respective industries, so they can thrive once again.