KITCHENER -- At least one student from the University of Waterloo is currently in Wuhan, China.

Ottawa announced Wednesday that it was preparing to send a plan to the city, where the coronavirus originated, to bring back 160 Canadians.

"I think as long as it can be done safely and without fear of further spread, it's a great idea," one student tells CTV.

It's not yet known if the University of Waterloo student, who's studying at Wuhan University for a co-op term, will be one of them.

The university says it's been in contact with the student, and says there's no cause for concern.

Another 10 students are currently in other parts of China.

The Waterloo Region Canadian Chinese Association says the virus came during a very busy travel time, prompting the association to cancel its Chinese New Year event.

"At this time we have so many travelers back and forth, so I think it's just better to avoid a gathering," explains Yan Li.

Anyone who bought a ticket to their event will be refunded.

Public Health says that there are still no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Waterloo, maintain that the risk here remains low.