KITCHENER – After an extensive review of regional governments across the province, Ontario will not amalgamate Waterloo Region.

Instead, a news release from the province says it will provide up to $143 million to help them lower costs and make services better.

"Municipalities are the level of government closest to the people, but every community is different - one size doesn't fit all," says Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark in the news release.

Local mayors took to Twitter to commend the government for the decision.

"No Amalgamation for Cambridge or Waterloo Region!" said Cambridge Mayor Kathryn McGarry.

"While there were clearly many viewpoints, you struck the right balance by not forcing top-down solutions," Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic also chimed in.

The City of Waterloo also sent a news release on Friday applauding the decision.

"Giving municipalities the ability to determine their own future is a good decision by the province," said Mayor Jaworsky in the release.

He goes on to say that a Waterloo survey found that residents were overall satisfied with how things are run in the city.

Local mayors had previously made clear that they did not support amalgamation because of the cities' and townships' different needs.

"This investment in communities will support municipal transformation efforts to make sure they are delivering efficient, effective and modern services that best meet the unique needs of their residents."

The review looked at eight regional governments and Simcoe County.

According to the release, more than 8,500 submissions were sent to Michael Fenn and Ken Seiling, who were the review's special advisors.

"After careful consideration of the feedback we heard through the course of the review, our government stands firm in its commitment to partnering with municipalities without pursuing a top-down approach," the release says.

Now, the government is proposing to combine provincial and municipal voter lists to help eliminate duplication, and is launching a consultation on whether or not to align the municipal and fiscal years.