A young girl in Cambridge has spent the better part of a month crocheting what are sometimes called "worry worms" or "emotional monsters."

Now, with the help of her mother, 11-year-old Kenzie Norman has hidden around 300 of the pocket-sized creatures in various spots around the city, mainly in retail stores.

Kenzie Norman

“We’ve hidden one in front of the kids’ Tylenol because if someone is shopping for kids’ Tylenol, then it is definitely not a fun time,” explained Samantha Stewart, Norman’s mom.

Attached to the creatures are different encouraging notes with messages like “I am your little worry monster, my name is Mr. Kind. I am here to gobble up the worries on your mind."

worry monsters

Norman explained the random acts of kindness are meant to spread love.

“I just feel like there’s not enough in the world, and everyone could use a smile,” Norman said.

Norman crochets each one with a little help from her mom – who admits they’ve made so many she’s even had a few thumb cramps.

“I just look like I am hitch hiking all the time,” said Stewart. “But this girl just flies through it.”

worry monsters

Along with stores, the mother-daughter team have given a few of their creations to authorized groups to distribute at local hospitals.

The pair found the heart-warming idea on Pinterest.

“It said how they were giving them out as random acts of kindness or hiding them in stores and we thought that it would be cool to try it,” Norman explained.

She said she hopes those who find them feel, “happy, special, thought of.”

“And not alone,” Stewart added. “In the word that we are living in today, someone is thinking of you.”

worry monsters