Many students at the University of Waterloo are heading into the classroom for the first time as the school reopened to in-person learning on Monday.

Most classes have been online since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Labs, seminars, groups, lectures and tutorials returned on Monday, although some large lectures will continue to be offered online until Feb. 28.

Gyms and eating areas will operate at 50 per cent.

Masks are required at the UW campus. N95 masks will only be given out to people who have specific risks of COVID-19 transmission.

COVID-19 vaccinations are also mandatory for anyone returning to campus. University officials said 99 per cent of people have at least two doses.

Some staff and students have criticized the return, saying they don’t believe the school has done enough to protect anyone coming to campus. Their concerns included a lack of N95 masks and rapid antigen tests. UW officials said rapid tests will be prioritized to people in high-risk settings, adding they don’t have as many tests available due to global supply chain issues.

Many students at the UW campus said they’re happy to be back to in-person learning.