Brantford police say Mary Lemma, 63, who was reported missing this morning has been located safe in Guelph.

Lemma was travelling by train from Moncton New Brunswick to London Ontario. She was supposed to meet her sister in London Saturday night but she never made it.  

Police say they received information that a woman fitting Lemma’s description got off the train in Brantford around 8 p.m. Saturday. At the time it was reported that the woman was not wearing any shoes and said that she was feeling ill.

Somehow Lemma made it from the Brantford train station to a shelter in Guelph where she spent the night in a chair.

Police say it was a staff member at the shelter, who saw something in the media about the missing woman and called police. Lemma was taken to hospital for evaluation.

Lemma was recently released from a Moncton hospital diagnosed with schizophrenia and is pre-diabetic. It is not clear if she'd been taking her medication, another reason family and the police were concerned for her safety.