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Man wrestles Mercedes in Guelph, results in $15K in damage

An undated photo of the Guelph police logo. (CTV News) An undated photo of the Guelph police logo. (CTV News)

A Huron County man is facing charges after a road rage incident in Guelph caused nearly $15,000 in damage.

Earlier this month, Guelph police were called to a parking lot on Woodlawn Road West.

A Waterloo man said he was driving when another driver apparently got upset at his driving and followed him into a parking lot.

Police say the other driver kneed the victim’s door, causing a large dent, then reversed his car into the front of the victim’s Mercedes.

The victim followed the other driver in an attempt to identify him, police say, and when they both came to a stop in another parking lot, the suspect broke off the victim’s side mirror.

The victim took his vehicle to a body shop, where the damage was estimated at just under $15,000.

A 43-year-old Huron County man turned himself in to police on Wednesday and is charged with mischief over $5,000 and failing to stop at a collision.

He will appear in court on April 5. Top Stories

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