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Long-time regional councillor provides insight into why competition is so high for Waterloo regional council


Long-time regional councillor Tom Galloway, who is not seeking re-election, sat down with CTV News to discuss why there is so much interest and competition for a regional seat in the upcoming municipal election.

Thirty people have put their names forward to fill eight seats on Waterloo regional council.

As one of regional council’s longest-serving members, Galloway says the exodus of current councillors is a main reason why we’re seeing so many names on the ballot.

“Eight of the 16 members of regional council are not running again so there are a number of vacancies in there for a lot more challengers,” Galloway says.

He adds, topics like housing affordability, homelessness and other social issues are driving interest. But he warns a seat on regional council is no magic wand.

“I think they have to temper their expectations in terms of what they can do with property tax. Property tax is a very regressive form of taxation. It’s almost the only source of income that the region has on its own to generate revenue, so much is really depending on the province,” Galloway says.

In order to achieve things at regional council, Galloway believes it requires working well with others.

“One person can’t make anything happen on their own, they need at least a majority,” he says.

As Galloway’s time on council winds down, his hopes are high for the next leaders coming in.

"I think it may take a little bit of time, but I am pretty confident that the new council will move the region forward in the right direction.” Top Stories

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