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Local leap year babies celebrate a special birthday


February 29 only comes around once every four years, making it an extra special day for those who were born on a leap year.

Zian Kendrick Aduca is one of Grand River Hospital’s (GRH) leap year babies, born just before 9 a.m., weighing 7 lbs 2 oz.

The little bundle of joy came earlier than expected.

“The OB told her the max is like on March 15. So we didn't expect this is it – this is the day,” said Kitchener father, Clifford Aduca.

Though the baby was early, baby Zian was in no rush. The labour was around 12 hours.

Aduca said he and his wife Lutgarda had been trying for more than a decade, so it was worth the wait.

“It's our dream to have a new baby,” he said. “It’s worth it for a good baby – a healthy baby, actually.”

The family is excited for their new chapter as parents.

“Going to go back home and take a rest after a long night,” said Aduca.

Staff at GRH said it’s been a busy leap day, with many babies born in their childbirth department.

“I think that when your birthday only happens once every four years, you need to do something a little extra special that year,” said GRH nurse Jenn Stager Piatkowski.

Turning 5/20

An extra special celebration was planned for Ryan McGuire, a hockey player with the Guelph Storm. It was a surprise he wasn’t expecting before practice on Thursday, as his teammates waited for him with a cake and balloons.

“So it's my 20th birthday, but I'm technically 5 years old. I've had five real birthdays,” McGuire said.

Ryan McGuire celebrates turns 5/20 on a leap year in 2024. (Submitted/Guelph Storm)

He admitted that instead of waiting for February 29th to come around, his family still celebrates his birthday the day before.

“The 28th. I wanted to keep it in February,” he said.

He considers himself lucky as he also gets gifts every year.

“Probably get a few more this year since it's a bigger day,” said McGuire.

A bigger day until the next leap year comes around in 2028. Top Stories

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