Someone reported a suspicious vehicle near the scene of a deadly double shooting in Brantford about 51 minutes before it happened, but no police car was dispatched to investigate.

That’s according to the Police Chief Geoff Nelson, who made the announcement during a press conference on Friday afternoon.

“Generally this is not the practice for Brantford Police Service, and as such I have directed an internal investigation to be undertaken to determine the circumstances surrounding this particular matter,” he told the gathered media.

In the shooting, which happened Thursday morning on Park Road South, two people, Larry Reynolds, 64, and Lynn van Every, 62, were killed in their home.

Brantford police say that there were other people in the house at the time, but they would not divulge how many people or who they were.

Nobody else was injured in the shooting, which police believe was targeted.

In the press conference, police said that they had information on two suspect vehicles that they’re looking into.

One, a black Chrysler 300, is believed to have been found on nearby Rowanwood Avenue on Thursday.

The other’s description is limited. Police could only say that it was dark grey or black. Its make and model are still being investigated.

Two cars of interest in a Brantford shooting

Police also provided information on one suspect, though it’s not known yet how many people were involved in this incident.

The suspect is described as a man wearing all black, with a black balaclava over his face.

Near the end of his press conference, the police chief told the media that Brantford is experiencing gun violence at nearly twice the rate of Toronto so far through 2019.