At least two organizations are taking action against several associations under the Hockey Canada umbrella after three kids were kicked out of the Hespeler Minor Hockey Association.

This will not get the kids back in the league but the organizations taking action believe their moves might be able to change the system that kicked the players out.

“I believe we ought to have choices. Hockey is a huge sport in Canada,” says John Thomas, an operator of The Hockey Loft.

Tuesday he said he sent a letter to the RCMP asking them to investigate the expulsion and cost of appeal of three children kicked out of the HMHA.

Thomas alleges the league has untaken abuse of dominance under the competition act.

“Kids are looking for extra ice. They’re looking for extra development. They’re looking to play hockey more often,” he says.

Randy Gumbley says he represents the World Association of International Players Unions and filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau of Canada.

He alleges Hockey Canada, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, the Ontario Hockey Federation and the HMHA are essentially protecting a monopoly.

So far there have been no charges or fines.

Hockey Canada issued a statement Tuesday night saying, “We are aware of the situation regarding the players and coach with the HMHA. We understand there has been dialogue between all parties to resolve the matter.”

The Ontario Hockey Federation also sent a statement saying, “We understand that we can do a better job of informing the players in these instances and as a leader of hockey the OHF are preparing tools for our future members and associations to handle similar situations.”

The OHF says they stand behind their policies and programs.

- With reporting from Max Wark