GUELPH - The largest book sale in the country took place in Guelph from Friday to Sunday.

The 13th Annual Giant Book Sale drew in thousands of buyers.

Some Americans even drove across the border for first dibs at not only literature, but also movies and games.

"Don't try to tell me that people don't read books anymore because obviously they do," says Virginia Gillham, chair of Friends of the Library.

Gillham says people were lined up all the way back to the next street on Friday afternoon, with about 800 people in the door 15 minutes after opening.

This year, sales are going toward the proposed new downtown branch which is estimated to cost $67 million.

"The archives are in the main library and the current archives are not climate controlled, which is absolutely horrifying," says Gillham.

All of the books at the sale are handpicked and in prime condition, attracting local book dealers.

Each child also goes home with a free book, as part of a plan to keep the next generation learning through literature.

About 7,000 people attended the giant sole over three days.