KITCHENER -- A busy Kitchener roundabout, that had been closed due to a waste water leak, reopened Friday morning.

The Region of Waterloo tweeted the following late Thursday:

A sewer pipe at the Bridgeport Pumping Station burst Tuesday afternoon, forcing the closure of the roundabout at Lancaster and Bridge Streets.

People who were in the area at the time said wastewater was spraying through the asphalt.

Crews were called in to clean up the mess and make repairs to the road.

The Ministry of the Environment says a team was sent to investigate whether the Grand River was impacted by the spill, and determined it had not.

The Bridgeport Pumping Station remains out-of-service and liquid haulers have been picking up the sewage and taking it to the wastewater treatment plant.

Senior project manager Ryan Snider told CTV News that they’re still trying to determine what caused the leak.

Officials initially said that it could take two weeks to complete repairs to the roundabout.

On Thursday night, the region confirmed crews were successful in re-routing the underground piping system and were able to repave the road well ahead of schedule.

"Plan A is to fix the pipe where it was broken," said Snider. "In evaluating that, and looking at the complexities of the dig, that is why we forecasted two weeks of repair. But this alternate Plan B, running though the empty lot, is what allowed us to speed things up and open up the roundabout sooner rather than later."

-- With reporting by Krista Sharpe