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Kitchener porch package theft prompts investigation


A Kitchener woman is speaking out after a package was stolen from her doorstep.

She hopes by sharing the video, someone may be able to identify the man who took the package.

"I see parcels when I'm walking down the road and I'm not touching them, it's just unfortunate," said Jacqui Rellinger.

The video was captured Friday around noon off a Ring Doorbell camera at her home on Centreville Street in Kitchener.

"It was a pretty heavy package and just to pick it up, carry it like this down my driveway, with no concern," she told CTV News.

Rellinger says she got a notification on her phone while at work. Hours later, when she had time to watch the video, she saw a man take her package.

"You're just not sure," she said. "You're just unsure about everything that's going on and not sure if you want to order things online right now."

Rellinger was not only shocked about what she saw, but also distraught about what was taken.

"The unfortunate part is it was my daughter's birthday gift," she said. "Her birthday is next week and it's no longer available."

Rellinger says incidents like this don’t typically happen in her neighbourhood.

“People are desperate," she said. "I think that's really the unfortunate part, people have lost jobs, lost income.”

Rellinger is also offering up advice to residents with the hope of spreading awareness about front porch thefts in the region.

"I think communicating with your neighbours if you can or other family members and just seeing if they're available to pick them up if you're not," she said.


Waterloo regional police are investigating the incident. As Christmas season approaches, they are offering up some tips on how residents can avoid having packages and gifts stolen:

  • Track the packages that are often provided by delivery companies so they can monitor the package and know when it’s being delivered. This can help ensure they are at home when it arrives or that someone else is there watching for it.
  • Request a signature upon delivery so it can’t just be left unattended.
  • If possible, security cameras often act as a visual deterrent to possible thieves.
  • Use your neighbours – let them know when you’re expecting a deliver so they can keep an eye out and get them for you. Or, you could arrange to have it delivered to a trusted neighbor who will be home.
  • In-store or curbside pickup are also options for anyone who does not want to risk leaving packages on their doorstep
  • Have packages delivered to secure locations or spots that aren’t visible to someone driving or walking by

Police encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity or individuals in their neighbourhood to report to WRPS immediately. Top Stories

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