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Kayakers rescued in Hanover

A Hanover Police Service's sign is seen in this undated photo. (File) A Hanover Police Service's sign is seen in this undated photo. (File)

Two kayakers were saved from the Saugeen River in Hanover after their kayak overturned in fast flowing water.

Hanover police, the Hanover fire department, and paramedics from Grey County were called to the river at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Investigators said four men in their 20s and 30s from Milton and Waterdown had entered the water from the boat launch area at Hanover Park. They were wearing life jackets and proper gear. The four men were planning on kayaking and camping for several days en route to Southampton.

However, shortly after setting out, police said two men overturned their kayaks and the group became separated.

Hanover firefighters brought out their drones and rescue boat and were able to locate the overturned pair about 700 metres from their starting point.

Police said the men were showing early signs of hypothermia and were disoriented.

They were brought to safety and paramedics took them to the Hanover and District Hospital for treatment.

The other two kayakers were located further downstream after they were unable to stop in the strong current.

"Thankfully, these kayakers were properly dressed, wearing life jackets, and had cellular phones with them that quite likely saved their lives,” a statement from Hanover police reads. Top Stories

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