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Jury in Ager Hasan trial shown bloody crime scene photos, WhatsApp messages


A Waterloo regional police officer who photographed blood stains in Melinda Vasilije’s apartment took to the stand Monday as the trial of Ager Hasan continues into its third week.

Hasan had pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder but guilty to manslaughter in the death of Vasilije – his former girlfriend.

In April 2017, Vasilije was found dead in her Country Hills Drive apartment.

On Monday, the jury was shown pictures of the building taken in the days after Vasilije’s body was found with dozens of stab wounds.

Photos showed blood stains were found on a door handle and tiles in the building’s entrance.

In Vasilije’s apartment, blood was found on the kitchen floor, dining area, living room and the inside of the door.

The jury also saw photos of blood on a knife in the dish rack next to the sink.

Monday afternoon, court heard from Peel Police detective Robert Hofstette who was asked to do blood stain analysis based on the photos taken at the scene.

Hofstetter analyzed blood stains found in the dinette area, the kitchen and the entranceway.

Showing it revealed Vasilije was actively bleeding in those areas.

He could not, however, analyze the blood found in the living room where Vasilije's body was found due to life-saving efforts that were done in that area.

In cross-examination, Hasan's lawyer asked about what can't be determined from blood stains, such as which ones happened first.

"It's possible that Mr. Hasan was the first person to be cut?" Scott Reid asked.

Hofstetter replied that it is a fair question.


Entered as an exhibit on Friday was WhatsApp messages sent between Hasan's phone and Waterloo regional police detective Peter Collison the day Vasilije was found dead.

Collison asked him to contact him, while Hasan responded: "Detective I did not attack her first. She came at me with a knife after i reveled (sic) to her what I did in the past. Things were good, I was I was (sic) in her room for hour just cuddling and kissing. Even ask her roomate (sic), when I came back to get my Keychain (sic) I told her the truth and it got physical. She then went for the knife."

Hasan said his hands got cut up trying to protect himself.

He added: "My hands go to (sic) cut up trying to protect myself. "I then u (sic) had to do something back and it got out of hand." Top Stories

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