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'I know we were meant to be': Jury hears final text messages sent between Ager Hasan and Melinda Vasilije


Dozens of text messages were presented to a Kitchener courtroom Friday as a computer forensic analyst from Waterloo regional police was called as a witness at the trial of Ager Hasan.

From pleas to get back together to assurances he'd never hurt her and requests for visits, the jury saw and heard multiple texts sent from Hasan’s phone to former partner Melinda Vasilije.

Court heard Vasilije broke up with Hasan in a text on April 3, 2017. It would be just over three weeks later when the 22-year-old would be found dead on the living room floor of her Country Hill Drive apartment.

One of the texts wrote in part: “I don’t know what else to say other than i’m sorry. I still and will always love you but I’m just not happy anymore (sic).”

That night, the court heard Hasan showed up at her apartment banging on the patio door.

Texts entered into evidence indicate starting on April 9, Hasan began sending a series of text messages to Vasilije.

Some of the texts were apologies, while many asked her to reconsider and give the relationship another try.

Among them was one reading: “I never did and never will physically hurt you in anyway (sic).”

“I know we were meant to be. Every true love story has a bit of drama around it.”

Another read: “I don’t want to get over what we had. If anyone tells you our relationship was toxic they are wrong. Yes, we fought a lot but it’s only because of our cultural differences, but I was slowly starting to change for the better.”

The messages continued: “We can work out any situation, as long as there was no cheating or hitting involed (sic).”

Another reading, “we’re gonna get married, then we’re gonna have kids. 3 to be exact.”

On April 20, Melinda responded by saying she was sorry for everything and added: “You honestly need to let me go.”

Hasan responded with a flurry of messages, among them one saying he would let Vasilije go, but not like this.

“We owe it to ourselves for giving it one more chance,” a message read.

“I’m not desperate, but I’m not one to give up on the best thing that’s happened to me.”

Hasan sent **more texts including multiple** saying he just wanted proper closure, nothing else.

Melinda finally responded saying she was not ready to see him.

After that Hasan kept urging Vasilije to meet up saying: “I still want to meet up and give you one last hug.”

The pair eventually agreed to meet up with Hasan coming to Vasilije’s apartment in the early morning hours of April 28 because she was not feeling well.

The last text sent to her at 3:39 in the morning reads in part, “nice seeing you tonight glad we worked things out!! … anyways see you soon (sic) .”

The jury has previously heard Melinda Vasilije was found dead around 2:30 a.m.

Cross-examination of the police computer forensic analyst who extracted all these messages from Vasilije’s phone is planned when court resumes on Monday.

Editor's Note: The text messages shown in court have not been edited for spelling or grammar and remain as they were sent. Top Stories

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