An affordable housing project has been put on halt after human remains were discovered at an expansion site.

Six deceased individuals were found underground at the Kirkwood Apartments in Ayr.

“Three of them have been exhumed,” said Michael Schmidt of the building committee. “Three of them remain in the ground.”

The location was formerly a burial ground from 1843 to 1924. In its last year, marked graves were exhumed and moved to the Ayr Cemetery.

The Kirwood Apartment building has been at the lot since the 1980’s. Schmidt says there was no need for expansion until this year.

“Our waitlist is about 60 residents,” he said.

Their plan to add 21 apartments has been put on hold as an archeologist surveys the area for more bodies.

“It froze our project,” said Schmidt. “We are under tight deadlines with the funding that we receive.”

An investigation is underway into finding out who the remains belong to.

Police say their involvement in the discovery is finished.

Officials say the cost of the archeologist will be between $20,000-80,000 and could potentially jeopardize the project. They are currently advocating for more funding.

There has also been concern expressed about the foundation of the existing building with the delays in the expansion.