The warm weather is here and city and regional crews are already busy with a number of road construction projects drivers should be aware of this summer.

“We have quite a number of projects underway. It’s a pretty typical year,” says Phil Bauer, director of design and construction for the Region of Waterloo.

Across the region, several big projects are planned in each city, replacing underground services like water mains and sewers and upgrading roadways.


In Kitchener, King Street near Highway 401 and Sportsworld Drive remains a work in progress. There’s also several multi-year jobs underway, including along Patricia Avenue and Highland Road.

Meanwhile roads at Weber Street East and Ottawa Street North in Kitchener are set to fully reopen Friday. The area will be construction free for the first time in four years after city crews laid the last section of asphalt this morning.

In Waterloo, construction on Weber Street near Northfield Drive will finally wrap up this summer after three years. Herbert Street and the Teakwood Drive area are other spots to watch out for.

Dundas Road in Cambridge remains ripped up as construction enters its third year, but good news is on the horizon as work there is expected to be completed this year. Groh Avenue and Church Street will also see major repairs.

Unfortunately, there’s little relief in sight when it comes to road construction this year and in the near future.

“This will go on for the duration of the summer,” says Chris Spere, interim director of engineering for the City of Kitchener.

“We are starting to shift how we do these projects, but there is always going to be an ongoing cycle of work.”

But the good news is, these major projects are made to last.

“A project like this, we are replacing underwater sewers and water mains and they have a life cycle of 50 to 75 years,” Bauer says.

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