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'Her arm was ripped open': Dog attacks McDonald's employee


Waterloo regional police are investigating an assault at a McDonald’s restaurant in Kitchener, where an employee reported being bitten by a dog.

According to police, it happened around 8:45 a.m. on Saturday at the Fairway Road location. The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect left the area before police arrived.

“At this moment it is an ongoing investigation, we are looking to identify and speak to the owner of the dogs at this time,” Const. Chris Iden said.

“We’re still trying to put together all the pieces to figure out what was the cause and the reason for the dog to bite.”

Bonnie Gosse witnessed the attack. She told CTV the employee was bringing an order to the suspect’s vehicle when two dogs jumped out of the vehicle. Gosse said the dogs knocked the employee down and started biting her.

“At first a white pit bull jumped out and then a marble brown pit bull jumped out, knocked the girl to the ground, right out of her shoes – and started to bite her all over,” Gosse said.

According to Gosse, the owner called off the dogs and got them back in the vehicle before taking off. Gosse said she helped the employee back into the store and spoke with police about what happened.

“A lot of blood, a lot of dog slobber, her arm was ripped open. Her legs were covered, thank God. I don’t think the dogs got her face, but still,” Gosse said.

“I was going to hit the dogs with my snow brush, I couldn’t get it in time. The dogs were gone and I went up to her and I put my hands up to her and said: ‘You’re safe now they’re gone, you’re safe.’ But she was just so traumatized, I don’t even think she realized I was there,” Gosse said. Top Stories

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