An estimated 5,000 students took part in a University of Guelph homecoming street party on the weekend.

Over 50 police were called in to help with crowd control at the massive street party on Chancellors Way.

Police responded to nearly 600 calls during the celebrations, and issuing nearly 200 tickets.

Guelph mayor Cam Guthrie said the cost of that homecoming could reach up to $100,000, including cleanup and staffing more police, bylaw enforcement officers and emergency services.

“I don’t really think the taxpayer should be fronting all these costs,” Guthrie said.

He suggested the possibility of the university helping financially.

Carrie Chassels with University of Guelph Student Affairs said that the school contributes over $1.5 billion of economic activity to the city.

She also said they had already paid for free transit on the day of homecoming and for on-campus events.

Mayor Guthrie said debriefs would be held the following week involving all stakeholders to determine how the costs should be divided moving forward.