KITCHENER -- A Guelph manufacturing company is feeling the love after receiving a shout out from the province’s premier for its role in the fight against COVID-19.

In a statement to CTV News Kitchener, Linamar CEO Linda Hasenfratz says, “We are humbled by Premier Ford’s kind remarks about Linamar’s capabilities and proud to be a part of the team to help supply these critical needs.”

Premier Doug Ford mentioned the company’s efforts Wednesday for retooling its assembly line to make parts for badly-needed ventilators.

“What they have done in the last couple weeks is just really, as I was saying, amazing. To ramp up a facility that would typically take closer to a year, they’re doing it in weeks,” Ford said.

Linamar says it will begin producing components for customers who are tooling up their own ventilator lines on April 6.

In addition, Linamar will support O-Two Medical Technologies, after the province announced signing a deal with the company to make 10,000 ventilators in Ontario.

"O-Two Medical Technologies is eager to be part of the global effort to help save lives. Our e700 ventilator has a proven track record and, together with our partners and the provincial government, we will deliver this critical, life-saving equipment to the people of Ontario," says Kim Lassaline, CEO of O-Two Medical Technologies, in a statement.

Linamar says it also plans to assist Toronto-based manufacturer Thornhill Medical in meeting recent orders, after the company was contracted by the federal government to produce 500 mobile compact ventilator systems.

The province has opened up a $50 million dollar fund for manufacturers to retool their assembly lines for more domestic production of medical equipment and gear.