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Guelph, Ont. police officer who assaulted teen appeals order to resign or be fired


Const. Corey McArthur will remain on the Guelph Police Service (GPS) for the time being despite a decision last month that he must resign or be fired.

A decision handed down on Oct. 27 gave McArthur the option to resign from the police force within seven days or be fired.

Guelph police spokesperson Scott Tracey said it is his understanding McArthur has filed an appeal to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC), and the appeal was filed before the seven-day period had elapsed.

The OCPC hears appeals of decisions from police disciplinary hearings concerning complaints about police conduct made by members of the public or initiated by chiefs of police.

The OCPC has the authority to confirm, vary or revoke the decision of the hearing officer, substitute its own decision or order that a new hearing take place.

Tracey said because the matter is still pending, he can not say anything further at this time.

The GPS ruling on McArthur came more than six years after the assault, which happened at Guelph General Hospital in 2016. McArthur has been suspended with pay since.

Video of the incident shows McArthur striking a 17-year-old who was restrained to a hospital bed. The teen kneed McArthur before the officer delivered the blow with his elbow.

Per the Police Services Act, McArthur is entitled to be suspended with pay until the matter has ended.

Since 2016, McArthur has been making over $100,000 per year most years according to the Ontario Sunshine List.

The salary data for McArthur shows while he has been suspended, his yearly pay has increased from $101,804 in 2016 to $110,689 in 2021. Top Stories

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