A group of people had an Easter service in an unlikely place Sunday. A gentleman's club in Guelph called The Manor.

A few months ago Jack Ninaber and his wife Sharon decided they would host a Christian fellowship service at the unconventional space.

“When we were going by The Manor I joked to Jack that we should do a worship in The Manor, then the idea really never left me,” says Sharon.

“If you told me that I would be doing this six months ago I would be laughing at you and saying you’re out of your mind that's crazy,” adds Jack.

The Ninabers belong to the Elora Road Christian Fellowship. The idea behind the service is to bring religion to those who don't feel comfortable seeking it out. In particular, they are hoping to reach tenants of Sue’s Inn, a transitional house for people trying to get back on their feet.

It wasn’t smooth sailing though, as the city initially denied it, saying that the club wasn't zoned as a religious institution.

After speaking to officials and explaining it was less like a church service and more like a social gathering, the city gave them the go ahead.

“Speaking to people in the adjacent areas and our tenants, they all thought it was a good idea. They normally don't go to church so they felt if there was a service here they would probably show up,” says club owner Sam Cohen.

About half of the tenants did show up and the Ninabers are hoping they'll be back.