A local golfer pulled off the shot of a lifetime when he hit the perfect shot to win a new truck.

On Monday, Jonathan Bosman hit the shot that sent him running to the hole to retrieve, what is now, a souvenir.

“We were on the 14th hole, I took out an eight iron and shot it into the wind, and I said, ‘Well, that that was a good golf shot, but it’s no hole in one,’” said Bosman. “It bounced in the hole, and I looked at him and said, ‘I think I just won a truck. I just won a truck.”’

A video shared with CTV News Kitchener shows the group racing to the hole and celebrating the hole in one.

Bosman sunk the ball after clearing 170 yards.

Golfers teed off Monday morning at the Rebel Creek Golf Club for the Greater Kitchener and Waterloo Chamber of Commerce golf scramble.

The prize is sponsored by Toyota with the big ticket giveaway going unclaimed for the last decade.

“We sponsor this tournament every year. We sponsor anywhere between 12 and 20 tournaments a year, and the last time we gave away a car was 10 years ago,” said Nico Giorgio, marketing supervisor at Heffner Toyota in Kitchener.

Bosman said winning the truck came at the perfect time. Bosman said the other night he was looking at vehicles to replace his 11-year-old truck.