WATERLOO -- A Waterloo Region ice cream maker has created a special flavour to honour frontline workers at Grand River Hospital.

The flavour, created by Four All Ice Cream, is called Our Heroes Eat Ice Cream.

The shop's owner, Ajoa Mintah, said she incorporated the hospital's logo to create a lavender, lemon and blueberry treat.

"Thinking of healing flavours and concepts, so I think that lavender was the jumping point for the flavour," Mintah said. "The flavour is fantastic first of all, but I would say our community is special in that they're' very supporting and giving."

The idea to develop an ice cream in support of frontline workers came from the Grand River Hospital Foundation.

"How can we do something to say thank you to our frontline workers and of course a new ice cream flavour was born," said Angela Olano with the foundation.

Some proceeds from the ice cream go to the Grand River Hospital Foundation's Blue Ribbon Fund.

The fund supports 4,600 staff at Grand River Hospital with several initiatives, including coffee, meals, mental health supports and personal protective equipment.

"(It's) to provide support and thanks to our frontline workers," Olano said.