KITCHENER -- A former practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine has been found not guilty on three counts of sexual assault, but still has a number of other allegations and charges to answer to.

Shu-Seng Lai walked out of Guelph court on Wednesday afternoon where the decision was made and outline by a judge in a 150 page document.

The charges in question involve complaints from three former patients regarding alleged incidents in a clinic from 2010 to 2013.

One patient testified she saw Lai for fertility issues. She said he asked her to come to his office after work for energy work. She alleges he touched her breasts, vagina, and asked her to kiss him.

Another former patient stated that Lai touched her vagina and breasts during an appointment at his clinic.

According to evidence outline in the judge’s decision, a third patient said Lai caressed her breast area and toucher her below her underwear during an appointment.

The judge wrote that she found the first complainant’s testimony to be unreliable. Justice Mossip wrote that she had a reasonable doubt the alleged touching of the second and third complainant was of a sexual nature.

Lai practice in Guelph for roughly 20 years before he moved the practice to the Morriston area.

He also faces additional sexual assault charges and several weapons charges.