The Grand River Conservation Authority has issued a flood warning for the southern Grand River watershed.

The warning is for low-lying areas that are prone to flooding, namely downstream of Brantford.

These areas include River Drive, Sims Lock Road, Grand Sports Road, the Town of Cayuga and the community of Port Maitland.

Flooding caused by ice jams in the river was reported through Six Nations and in Brant County on Wednesday afternoon.

Locally, rivers were receding in the areas of the northern and central Grand River watershed, north of Brantford.

The Nith River in Ayer was expected to peak by early evening on Wednesday evening, well below the first warning zone.

The GRCA says that river flows would remain high as major reservoirs were opened to reduce flooding downstream.

In a news release, the GRCA reminded the public to stay away from active water as river and creek banks were slippery.

Those with children and pets are asked to keep them away from waterways and frozen water.

The flood warning is in place until Feb. 7.