The City of Brantford has been given flood warnings while Cambridge, New Hamburg, Ayr, and Caledonia to Cayuga were put on flood watch by the Grand River Conservation Authority.

A statement from the GRCA says they expect flow levels to peak Tuesday evening in Brantford at roughly 50 per cent of the volume experienced during the February 2018 flood event.

An earlier statement from the GRCA notes the Blackbridge Road bridge, Riverside Park, and trails in the floodplain through Cambridge, as well as downstream of Milton Street in New Hamburg, as areas to monitor. They expected flooding to have peaked by Tuesday afternoon for these locations.

The GRCA says mild temperatures and recent rain have caused snow packs to melt and runoff into local waterways. Ice jams have also been forming and causing flooding in certain areas.

West Montrose was under a high water alert just after 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, while people living along River Edge Road were forced out of their homes.

“For residents who live in a flood plain they certainly should be aware of what’s going on and some actions they can take,” said GRCA communications coordinator Cam Linwood. “Get some of those objects out of the basement.”

The GRCA says cooler temperatures this week should help the situation.